Monday Motivation

“Live people ignore the strange and unusual. I, myself, am strange and unusual.”

  • Lydia Beetlejuice


Of course I’m over here getting into the festivities this week. No, not Halloween! The Women Connected in Wisdom Virtual Conference that I will be speaking at. It’s a four-day women’s conference of speakers, authors, doctors, life coaches, mental health professionals, YOU NAME IT, that will be speaking on the 8 dimensions of wellness. The little awkward girl from Dorseyville, LA, will be talking about social wellness and expanding on her book chapter.

Yes, the little awkward girl from Dorseyville with the pot belly and duct tape on her glasses, that wanted so much to be accepted by friends and others will be speaking about social wellness, the effects, the benefits, and how to make it right for you and those around you.

Yes, we’re all a little strange and unusual, which is fabulous, right? Your story is not my story. My story isn’t my sister’s story. Her story isn’t my mother’s story. My mother’s story isn’t my father’s story. We all have stories to share that are freeing, life-changing, and make up our DNA. So the pot belly, four-eyed girl makes up a part of my story. (my past hood boyfriends thought the pot belly was cute)

She was always full of life, had a lot to say, witnessed a lot, spoke a lot, and was silenced a lot. The silence began to play on her insecurities and development of abandonment issues. Felt special yet easily replaceable, lacked self-control, with suppressed anger and aggression. I’ve run marathons to leave her behind, but she’s still here with matching glasses and loose fitting shirts. That girl will be speaking to you on Friday, October 28th speaking, loudly and clearly, sharing her story that’s been buried for far too long. She is proclaiming to be special and irreplaceable, and embracing being strange and unusual.

And you should too. This world wouldn’t be the same without you. This world needs you, all the good that you have to offer, along with your strange and unusual self.

Let’s choose today to embrace the strange and unusual that makes you, you.


"Today, I am choosing to accept myself for who I am, embracing all of my strange and unusual quirks that make me, me. I am choosing to love some all the areas others tried to crush, and am unleashing the uniqueness inside of me."

  • Coe

Happy Monday Sis,

  • Coe


You link, madame.

Also, there is still time to sign up for the free virtual conference to hear some of these wonderful ladies speak. Even if you can’t make the entire event, that’s fine. Catch a few speakers throughout the four day treat!

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