Monday Motivation 11.14.22

“No time is wasted.”
  • Priscilla Shirer


I can think of so many times that I thought something was a waste of my time. My bachelor's degree, my masters degree, pretty much every job I had, all those eff boys I’ve dealt with, standing in line at the DMV…sighs, where was I going with this? 🤔

Oh yeah, no time is wasted. I was on Priscilla’s IG Live, and she was discussing how there were so many times that she’s wanted something to happen, had a deadline or tried to force something to happen in her career, and she would feel like time was always of the essence. 🤧

I’m sure to a degree and in some situations that can be true, but what about those unforeseen times? What about those out of your control times? Like when you may have randomly been laid off or lost your job, something suspiciously didn’t work out the way you thought it would, or you kept trying your best at something and kept coming up short? ☹️

Whew, don’t get me started on all those damn times in my life. The times I’ve laid down crying, cussing, and fussing about my time, resources, and “expertise” being wasted. But this message was a nice reminder, no real time is wasted. 😌

For example: I was not the best version of myself in some of those seasons. Honestly, my work ethic sucked, so maturity was necessary. Had I not had so much administrative experience, I wouldn’t be as good at communicating and being responsive. Had I not gone through trials to learn what love wasn’t, I wouldn’t really value what it actually is. 💜

Seriously, do you know how hard I worked, scratched, etc. to try to get into my field, psychology, and it just wouldn’t work? From interning to job hunting, to interviewing, nothing! Those people I interned for were prejudiced and treated me like crap! I had to go back to my roots of retail to make it. I subbed and an assistant principal saw me with a class, and told me I should be a teacher.

I had no intentions of becoming a teacher. I had no intentions of being a life coach. I had been holding onto book ideas since 2013 that I never intended to write. Then once the wheels started spinning, sheesh, I had to catch up. I had to be pruned and conditioned for THIS season of my life. 🙌🏾

“Coach Coe, why are you low-key bragging?” Not at all. What I’m telling/showing you is that all of the time in my life that I was saying was a waste of my time, sucked, hurt, seemed to make no sense whatsoever, I am currently using all of those skills. Customer service to deal with irate parents, admin demands from administration, counseling to help my students and coaching friends, teaching is a form of speaking to mix with the book tour, live shows, and conferences (I used to cry when I spoke publicly 😯)…what can you go back in your life and see that you thought was waste, but turned out to be pivotal? 🧐

Let’s choose today to recap the rainy seasons in your life to see the sun behind the clouds.


“Today, I am choosing to see the sun behind the clouds in my life. No time is wasted. I am right where I need to be, right now. Here and now.”

  • Coe

Happy Monday Sis,

  • Coe

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