The Anxiety Treatment Part 3

So we entered Phase 2 of the Quarantine and things are starting to shift. We are transitioning back into our new normal and are still wondering what will happen next.

In the beginning we discussed things to do during quarantine to keep you anxiety-free, but now since we’re going back into society, I know that more help is needed.

Now, that we are going back in the “new” world with new topics and concerns blazing; systematic racism, the rise of Covid-19 again, recession, etc. what can we do to keep out sanity while moving forward.

Here is a list that I’ve put together to help you move forward:

  1. Communicate/Community

  2. Honor feelings

  3. Daily journal

  4. Therapist

  5. Check in and out

  6. Stay physically active

  7. Do something


Currently, everyone is feeling the weight and tension of the world. Whether it’s financial, spiritual, communal, etc. everyone is going through something. Community is important in creating a safe space for your circle to share those emotions. Allow them to be open as well as you be open so that you won’t subconsciously isolate yourself and feel alone. Which we all need our space to process and decompress, don’t isolate yourself for long periods of time.

Honor Your Feelings

I’ll be honest and admit that I’m angry, frustrated, and sad. I’m black with a black family and it sickens me what’s going on right now. Honoring those feelings help me acknowledge what I’m feeling so that I embrace it and move on accordingly. Harboring onto negative feelings can be dangerous especially when anxiety is already causing you have intrusive thoughts. I listen to this podcast Being Well with Rick Hanson, Ph. D., Forrest Hanson that focus on dealing with anxiety neurologically and he advises honoring those intrusive thoughts so that you can move forward. I like to think of it has another way of being kind yourself by being your own listening ear.

Daily Journal

With honoring your feelings, keeping a daily journal is important to get those super personal feelings out that you may want to keep to yourself. While community and sharing are great, there are some things that we all would like to keep private. This is good for those moments, goals, and measurements. This can be full of private thoughts and notes, daily goals, and measurements of any sort. Some people keep fitness journals, others keep career journals, some keep everything in one huge notebook. So choose to your liking.


I’m a firm believer in having professional assistance. Having a mental health therapist to help provide useful tools to help during difficult times is important. Maybe you don’t quite understand why you’re so frustrated or understand what you’re feeling. A mental health professional can assist you with this. I am offering the Anxiety Treatment Program for those struggling with managing anxiety, click here to schedule your consultation.

Checking In and Out

I never want to encourage anyone to stay checked out of current events, but I am encouraging you to practice balance. Watching news coverage and/or scrolling through social media all day won’t be good for anyone’s psyche. Have a healthy balance conducive for you checking in and out of current events as necessary. What may be good for others may not be good for you and vice versa, so learn your happy medium of staying informed.

Staying Physically Active

Staying physically active is great for helping you release endorphins that aids in having a positive mood. You can work on some of that aggression and frustration. You can use it as a time to just zone into a time that set aside for you especially if you have children and/or a demanding job. As we all know, it’ll keep your heart and body happy. Controlling the things that are actually in our control has a way making things feel a little more manageable.

Do Something

Lastly, with all of these awesome tips, don’t forget to do something. What I mean by that is, I want to encourage you to do acts of service towards things you are passionate about. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” This can be several things. For example, if you’re passionate about Black Lives Matter donate to the organization, share informative posts about it on social media outlets, write blog posts or start discussion groups, etc. If you’re passionate about voting get out there and encourage people to vote, join a campaign and volunteer to speak to people about voting for the candidate you’re passionate about. If you’re passionate changing something that you need to truly invest in enroll in school, take free online courses on that topic, or start the business. Just do something and create a plan of action. As mentioned previously, controlling the things within your control can make life feel more manageable along with taking actions to be the change.

Let’s Wrap it Up

2020 has so far been a very difficult year. Nobody has the answer on how to make it easy, breezy. I don’t think life is set up that way. However, making small positive changes create life changing transformation. Communicating with your circle, honoring your feelings, journaling, speaking with a professional in mental health, balancing current events, staying physically active, and doing something towards your passionate can make this next phase quarantine more manageable for you.

Remember, you’re not alone in your feelings whether you’re quarantined with a family or hanging alone, the world is in agreement with you that it’s a tough year universally.

I’m offering consulting services to help women learn how to manage their anxiety. In this program, I will include talk sessions, mindfulness, active treatment plans, and so much more.

Click the link below to schedule your free 15 min conversation with me to learn more!

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