"As humans, we all want to be heard, seen, and understood. This charming book did just that for me. I often found myself nodding in agreement as my recollection took me back to familiar experiences particularly with the Georgia Peaches story. Great for reading out on the patio with your drink of choice, perfect for discussion with your friends over brunch, excellent for a time passer during a flight. I plan to purchase it as a Christmas gift for friends knowing they will enjoy it as much as I did. Congratulations ladies! I can't wait for part 2."

Ash F / Attorney / Refreshingly relatable.

Life Coach Coe went there…and she took me with her! In Miami Beaches and Georgia Peaches, I was able to see myself in her story, feel heard, understood, and seen all at once through one woman’s vulnerability in sharing her experiences, emotions, and wisdom gained through it all. Definitely recommend this book for you and all those you care about ❤️ healing for all can be found in its pages!